Charges Cover Plan Terms and Conditions

“eXPert” and “eXPert plus” Cover Plans - Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

Please see our standard terms of conditions of business

Types of cover available from XP Plumbers

There are two types of Cover Plan provided by XP Plumbers.

These are:

  • “eXPert” Cover Plan – for your central heating system ‐ £18.50 a month
  • “eXPert plus” Cover Plan – for your central heating system and plumbing ‐ £25 a month

Joining a Cover Plan

When you apply for a Cover Plan, one of XP Plumbers Technical Service Managers will call to inspect, test, and report on your system. This is referred to as a “First Inspection”.

Once your application for a cover plan has been approved, there will be a fourteen day period from the start date before you can use our services. After this fourteen day period your cover plan will be in place.

There is no limit to the amount of call‐outs that can be made under the Cover Plans and XP Plumbers can provide an immediate critical response, any time of day, throughout the year.

Exclusions from both XP Cover Plans

The “eXPert” Cover Plan or the “eXPert plus” Cover Plan do not include the following:

Resolving issues that were already there, i.e. existing faults ‐ those that occurred before the Cover Plan agreement was approved

Repairing damage caused by you (unless specified otherwise), or others who had access to your system/appliances. This includes where we consider that gratuitous damage has occurred through wilful or negligent behaviour by either you or others

Putting right any consequential damage that may have resulted from your appliance failing, for example, where there has been a leak and the water has caused problems elsewhere

Resolving issues arising from significant other influences (usually covered by your normal house/contents insurance), for example: fire, accident, explosion, structural issues (including subsidence), or extremes of weather (including, flood, freezing weather, storms, etc.)

Cost which exceed £1,000 (incl. VAT) to access any part of your systems – e.g. reaching wires or pipework embedded in walls, or buried away (where not covered by your normal insurance – see bullet immediately above)

We will make good any drilling, etc, to create a proper surface again (subject to the bullet immediately above) – but we will not undertake to restore original condition that existed prior the issue/damage/breakdown. This can be done at additional cost

Inherent design faults of specific appliances

Repairing or replacing cosmetic features of an appliance which does not affect how the system functions ‐ for example, ornamental wooden lattice‐work radiator covers, boxing in pipe‐work, etc.

Routine alteration of controls – for example: turning appliances up or down, re‐setting clocks, or timers, etc.

Improving on, or upgrading, a system or appliance that is currently in place

Replacing any fixtures, fittings, appliances, showers, or sanitary items – unless it has been specifically states in your Cover Plan

Faults or damage caused by issues arising from the delivery of other utilities, such as gas, water, or electricity

Conducting work where we consider there to be a potential health and safety risk to our engineers, for example, dealing with a hazardous substance ‐ such as Asbestos

Replacing lead, steel, or iron pipes (with the exception of your water supply pipe)

Electronic related items, for example: batteries, broadband connections, and issues around radio frequency (where these have been interfered with)

XP Plumbers are also unable to provide customers with any cash alternatives to any of the benefits provided under the Cover Plan.

Both Cover Plans are an agreement with an individual, at a specified address. It cannot be used by anybody else, or with any other system.

In the exceptional situation that the Cover Plan needs to be transferred to another member of the household (for the same system) ‐ this can only be done with the written agreement of XP Plumbers.

The “eXPert” Cover Plan

What is included:

Your Central Heating system ‐ The agreement is to maintain one boiler (which operates by either hot water or warm air). Please note that for more than one boiler – bespoke “Multi‐ System Plans” can be designed on request for your specific needs

Parts and labour ‐ if your system needs attention. This includes: radiators, radiator valves, thermostats, and pipe‐work

Your Boiler and Controls (repair or replacement) – If your boiler is less than seven years old, and it cannot be repaired (for example, because parts are not available, or it would not make economic sense to repair it) – we will replace it with a suitable new boiler approved by XP Plumbers

Electric Boilers – Where impossible/or uneconomic to repair, replacement conditions are the same as the bullet immediately above, up to a value of £600 (incl. VAT)

Accidental damage – This relates to genuine accidents that have happened where Cover Plan holders were acting in good faith

An initial “First Service” of your system ‐ when you take up your “eXPert” Cover Plan

Annual “Health Check” – service and inspection of your central heating system and boiler

What is not included:

Replacing your boiler if it is over seven years old

Repairs where either: parts are no longer available, or the appliance is beyond economic repair

Work to, or the replacement of, any flues that are not part of the boiler

Removing scale and residual waste material that has gathered in your central heating system or boiler, which may cause issues

Damage caused by scale or residual waste material, where this has been drawn to the client’s attention on a previous occasion

Any industrial/commercial/or non‐domestic boiler (including any that exceed 70kW)

The “eXPert plus” Cover Plan

What is included:

Everything listed above in the “eXPert” Cover Plan.

Repairs and replacements inside your property – This includes if there are leaks or breakdowns involving:

‐ Internal hot and cold water supply pipes, i.e. those running inside your house from your mains stopcock to your taps (including your garden taps)

‐ Leaks from central heating pipes, overflow pipes, or burst pipes

‐ Radiator valves

‐ The cold water storage tank

‐ Toilet ball valves

‐ Immersion heaters and hot‐water cylinders (unless over 8 years old)

‐ Washing machines and dishwasher pipes

Parts and labour – This includes the use of standards parts. Upgraded items will be fitted – if provided by the Cover Plan owner

Repairs to taps – Including the replacement of standard non‐ceramic washers

Stopcocks – inside your property

Accidental damage to hidden pipes – for example, having the misfortune to nail through a pipe by mistake

Drains – This includes work to internal waste pipes, for example: unblocking and repairing pipes, unblocking sinks, and waste drains

Annual “Health Check” – Service and inspection

What is not included:

Replacing taps, and ceramic discs on taps

Replacing the seals around showers or baths

Repairing or replacing worn or damaged grouting

Pipes to external buildings or ornamental features, including swimming pools

Other water related items, such as down‐pipes, guttering, and roofs

Work connected with: water softeners, shower pumps, and electrical hot water pumps

Devices designed to increase water pressure

Saniflo systems

Work to drains that belong to somebody else, for example, the local water authority, or shared with a neighbour

Remedial work on drains which has not caused a complete blockage

Regular drain clearance

Work to drains that are primarily used for business purposes

Repairing or replacing manholes or soak‐aways

Work associated with septic tanks, and cesspits

Accessing drains where there has been building on top of the original means of maintenance

Work where no damage has yet been determined – for example, a frozen pipe that may not have actually burst

Annual “Health Check” – Service and inspection

Under both the “eXPert” Cover Plan and the “eXPert plus” Cover Plan ‐ XP Plumbers will arrange for an Annual “Health Check” service and inspection.

The Annual Check will take place around a year after your First Inspection, at a time that is convenient to you.

All subsequent years will follow the same pattern, so your Annual Check will always be around the same time of the year.

XP Plumbers will contact you in advance of each Annual Check ‐ to arrange a suitable date. Ending a Cover Plan

We may terminate your Cover Plan and our services will cease immediately if:

You fail to make a payment

You have given us inaccurate, incorrect, or misleading information

It proves impractical to obtain the necessary parts to maintain your system in a safe and effective manner

Ethical issues emerge that impact on the future operation of the agreement

In the unlikely event that we are obliged to terminate your Cover Plan with us:

We will refund you for any outstanding period of the annual agreement

This will be done by the same payment method used to set up the agreement

If you terminate your agreement with us, you will not normally receive a refund.

Should you wish to cancel your agreement within 14 days working days, you will be entitled to a full refund.

Personal Data

Personal data held by XP Plumbers may be used to:

Ensure it is you on the telephone when you call us

Keep you informed of any of our new products and services

Help to detect and prevent fraud

Inform any decisions relating to credit or financial matters

Help to train our staff to ensure continual improvement in our service

Important ‐ Please Note

Terms and Conditions may be subject to change.

All Cover Plan holders will be notified in advance of any proposed changes.