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How to keep your boiler happy!

How to keep your boiler happy!

The temperature’s a little higher than last week, but it’s still pretty chilly in Sidcup and London!

And with at least another month of winter left, have you been feeling like your boiler isn’t firing on all cylinders?

If the thought of waking up on a cold February morning to a stone-cold shower or no central heating makes you shiver, check out our tips for ensuring a long and healthy life for your boiler.

Keep your eyes on the dials

Most modern combi boilers have an adjustable pressure gauge. Check your pressure regularly to keep your boiler running at optimal performance. The manual will tell you what your model’s pressure should be - normally between 1 and 1.5 bar.

Wrap up warm

Your water tank and pipes like being warm just as much as you do, so consider insulating them! Pipe lagging and insulating jackets for water tanks are relatively cheap and easy to fit, will help your boiler run more efficiently, and save you money.

Treat your boiler to some XP TLC

With a comprehensive boiler service from Sidcup’s XP Plumbing and Heating at just £90 (and 10% off for senior citizens) you’ll get a comprehensive health check from one of our experienced, Gas Safe registered plumbers and heating engineers

And peace of mind that your boiler will keep on running smoothly, and keeping you and your home warm and cosy, whatever the rest of the winter has in store.

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