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Cold snap coming? Check out XP's cold-weather basics

Cold snap coming? Check out XP's cold-weather basics

Weather forecasters are predicting a big drop in temperatures across the UK in the next week or two, with the possibility of heavy frost and ice even in relatively mild London and Kent.

Get the jump on any cold snap that might be headed in Sidcup’s direction – with our basic cold-weather checklist for your pipes, plumbing and heating at home.

Get your boiler serviced by a team of experienced Sidcup plumbers and heating engineers like XP Plumbing and Heating.

Your boiler will undoubtedly work harder during the coming winter months than it has so far this year (particularly with the very long, warm summer we’ve had in London this year), so now’s a great time to have an expert like Sidcup’s XP Plumbing and Heating give it a thorough health check, and ensure it’ll keep you warm and cosy all winter, whatever the weather in London decides to do.

Gas boilers in particular – and all other gas appliances – should be inspected by a registered Gas Safe professional like XP Plumbing and Heating a minimum of once a year.

Know where your stopcock is? If not, remind yourself of its location before any really cold weather arrives. Freezing conditions greatly increase the risk of water leaks from split or burst pipes, and if that happens, you’ll want to be able to cut your water supply at source as quickly as possible…

And if you already knew where your stopcock is, don’t rest on your laurels – check it’s still in good working order. Don’t wait until you really need it to discover it’s seized up!

Insulate your pipes and check that any existing pipe insulation is still in place and in good order. Effective cladding and insulation on your water pipes is the best way to protect them against the damage a cold snap can cause.

Pay particular attention to pipes that are in exposed locations outside your home, or in attic and loft spaces, where they could be be exposed to much lower temperatures.

If you have a boiler or gas appliance that’s in need of a health check - or for anything else related to your home’s plumbing, heating, drains or electrics - get in touch with XP Plumbing and Heating of Sidcup.

Our team of friendly, experienced, Sidcup based plumbers, heating engineers, drainage experts and electricians have great coverage throughout the local area - including Eltham, Chislehurst, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Greenwich, Blackheath - and beyond that too, out into the rest of London and north Kent.

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