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Do you think before you flush?

Do you think before you flush?

Wet wipes hit the headlines again this week, with the announcement that every brand of ‘flushable’ wipes sold in the UK has failed the water industry’s disintegration test, demonstrating what a danger they can be to drains at home and the wider sewerage system.

Between that, and news earlier this year of the ‘fatbergs’ lurking in London’s sewers, it’s a good moment for us all to stop and think about what we put down our toilets and drains.

As the problems caused by ‘flushable’ wet wipes demonstrate, it’s not always simply a case of out of sight, out of mind once we flush. Put the wrong things into your drains and you can be storing up big problems for the future…

As a company that counts dealing with difficult drains among our many specialities (as well as all things plumbing, heating, gas, and electrical), we at Sidcup’s XP Plumbing and Heating know what an unpleasant problem a blocked drain at your home or business can be.

So if you’ve got drains that are getting you down, give us a call.

From our base in Sidcup, our fleet of qualified plumbers, drainage engineers and more cover the entire local area - including Eltham, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Chislehurst and Greenwich - and further afield, into most of London and north Kent.

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