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XP's tips for happy radiators

XP's tips for happy radiators

With temperatures in Sidcup and across the UK taking a noticeable downward turn this week, chances are you’re currently thinking about your radiators a bit more than you were earlier in the year.

If you’re worried your radiators aren’t pulling their weight, there might be a simple solution - with our quick tips for keeping your radiators running right…

Bleeding marvellous

If your radiator isn’t heating up as well as it should, it might need ‘bleeding’. (Don’t worry, that’s not as gruesome as it sounds!)

A common cause of a radiator running inefficiently is the build-up of trapped air inside over time, preventing the hot water flowing through it efficiently. Letting that trapped air escape by ‘bleeding’ your radiator will get your radiator back to peak condition.

Look in particular for ‘cold spots’ on the surface, as a good indicator that your radiator has trapped air and is in need of bleeding.

Bleeding a radiator is something a layperson with a bit of confidence can easily do themselves - see our recent article for a quick guide on how to bleed a radiator at home.

Take back control

Do you get frustrated with not being able to vary the temperature room to room enough?

Fit thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) to each of your radiators to give you more flexibility and control over your home’s temperature room by room.

TRVs monitor the air temperature around them and control the flow of hot water into the radiator accordingly, giving you the power to set the heating temperature on a room-by-room, radiator-by-radiator basis.

That means you can, for example, set higher temperatures in the rooms you use most often, while leaving less-used parts of your home on a cooler setting. More control and more efficient heating. You might even save yourself some money on your heating bills.

Keep things clear

It’s true that, while radiators are great, they’re not always the prettiest pieces of furniture in your home.

Despite that, we’d recommend avoiding the temptation to fit them with covers or box them in. That risks reducing the efficiency of your radiator by preventing the warm air the radiator produces from circulating into the room you’re trying to heat. Your system will have to work harder to hit your desired room temperature, costing you money.

And if you already have TRVs on your radiators, enclosing them could well make the TRV think your room is already warmer than it is. Meaning a chilly, if slightly more attractive, home for you!

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