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XP's easy wins for autumn

XP's easy wins for autumn

The holiday tan’s gone, the kids are back at school, and the weather in Sidcup’s getting chillier by the day. Yes, much as we hate to admit it, summer’s definitely over and autumn’s on the way.

And that means it’s also time to start thinking about your heating, boiler and all that other stuff again.

Here’s some tips from us to help ease you and your property into the coming season.

Treat your system to some TLC

Chances are your heating and hot water systems have had their feet up during the warm summer months. Now, with the weather taking a chilly turn, they’re going to have to start earning their keep again!

Make sure they’re ‘match-fit’ after the summer with a thorough servicing by one of our experienced engineers. Peace of mind as we head towards cold weather and dark mornings and evenings.

Wrap your pipes up warm

It’s a good time of year to give your pipes the once-over. Beat any cold snaps that might be heading for Sidcup and London by covering your pipes with insulation foam, and making sure any insulating foam that’s already on your pipework is sound and securely in place.

Properly insulating your pipes is the key to avoiding costly and disruptive burst pipes, if the weather really takes a turn for the worse.

Look after your gutters

Keep an eye on your gutters and drains too. Places like Sidcup are called ‘leafy suburbs’ for good reason! At this time of year a lot of that stuff can end up in your gutters and drains, and potentially cause blockages and drainage problems.

Pop your hose away

One of those little jobs that’s easy to forget at the end of the summer, but make sure your garden hose is disconnected from the tap and packed away before the really cold weather arrives. If a cold snap strikes Sidcup, any water left in your still-connected hose is likely to freeze, damaging not only the hose itself, but also potentially the tap and pipework to which it’s connected. A costly problem that’s easily avoided.

Cover yourself

We don’t mean digging your winter clothing out of the back of the drawer - although that’s probably a good idea too!

If the thought of waking up on a cold London morning without hot water or heating gives you the shivers, consider protecting yourself with one of our eXPert cover plans. For a small monthly payment, we’ll cover your central heating (and your plumbing and drains too, with our eXPert Plus plan) against breakdowns and repairs, including a full inspection when you sign up. So you’ll be able to relax when the cold weather arrives in Sidcup, knowing you’re covered.

For more info, check out our Cover Plans pages.

If you’d like more information on our servicing packages, our eXPert cover plans, or any other aspect of your home’s plumbing, heating, drains or electrical systems, get in touch.

We’re the experts in all things plumbing and heating for Sidcup and the surrounding areas. And we can take care of the electrical side of the job too, so you won’t have to worry about juggling a gaggle of different tradespeople!

From our Sidcup HQ, our friendly, experienced plumbers and heating engineers in our distinctive vehicles have great reach throughout the local area - including Eltham, Chislehurst, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Greenwich, Blackheath - and beyond that too, out into the rest of London and north Kent.

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