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Struggling with scale? Tips for hard-water areas like Sidcup

Struggling with scale? Tips for hard-water areas like Sidcup

Sidcup, and pretty much the entire Thames Water area, are classified as ‘hard water’ areas.

You’ve probably heard the term before, but what is hard water? How does hard water affect your water in Sidcup, your plumbing and any household appliances that use water?

And more importantly, what can you do to manage some of the negative effects of hard water in Sidcup and London.

What is hard water?

Water hardness refers to how much calcium and magnesium are in the water supply – the more there is present, the ‘harder’ your water is. Hard water occurs in areas with chalk or limestone bedrock.

Why is hard water a problem?

While hard water is perfectly safe and won’t harm your health, it can mean more scale forming on any appliances that use your water supply – everything from your kettle to your washing machine.

It can react with things like soap, shower gel, making them harder to foam up and generating soap scum.

It can also make your hot drinks look a bit off-putting!

How can I reduce hard water scale in Sidcup?

If you’re struggling with scale, there are simple things you can do to combat it.

  • lower your hot water temperature to around 60 degrees or less, to slow the build-up of scale from hard water

  • install a water softener will to reduce your water’s hardness level before it meets your appliances

  • rinse your kettle regularly to reduce scale build-up, and consider fitting it with a filter designed to reduce scale, or replacing it with a model with a filter already fitted

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