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XP's advice for a hassle-free summer

XP's advice for a hassle-free summer

Today’s the official first day of summer, and unusually for London and the UK, it seems like we’ve got the weather to prove it!

If the warm weather’s got you thinking about more interesting things than your home’s plumbing and heating, let our tips for a hassle-free summer help you make sure it stays that way…

Water temperature

As the temperature outside goes up, consider turning the temperature dial on your water heater or boiler down. Seems an obvious thing to say, but it’s also an easy one to forget.

Chances are you and your family will be taking cooler showers and generally using less hot water in warm weather, so if you’re heating your water to the same level you would in the depths of winter, you’re wasting energy and money.

That’s even more true if you’re going away for a summer holiday - when you won’t be using any hot water at home. (And maybe you can put some of that cash you’ve saved towards your spending money!)

Your boiler

Switching your boiler off during the summer months is a popular way of saving some money on your energy bill.

But to keep your boiler in tip-top condition and avoid any nasty surprises when colder weather inevitably returns, it’s worth switching it on again for ten to twenty minutes, once a month. Like most machines, it’ll run better if you run it regularly.

Get a health check

After the hard work they’ve done for you over the long winter months, the warmer weather means a little downtime for your plumbing and heating.

That means it’s also a great time to give your plumbing and heating systems the once-over.

And if you have gas appliances at home, it’s particularly important you get them serviced regularly by a Gas Safe registered professional.

Be good to your drains

Barbeques, parties and other al fresco eating are a staple of a successful British summer. But when you’re done with the good times, make sure all the leftovers get disposed of properly. Food waste, fats, oils and other gunk down your drains and plugholes are a recipe for a blockage!

For more advice on this, read our article on keeping your plumbing and drains free of clogs and blockages.


Radiators are handy in the summer, since they allow you to decide how much you want to turn your heat down room by room. In parts of the house that catch a lot of sun - or that don’t get a lot of use - you might want to consider switching radiators off completely, while leaving them at a level you’re happy with elsewhere.


When the kids are home from school for the summer, make sure you have a plunger handy! Your loo will likely be getting more of a workout than normal…

And make sure they understand that the toilet and the basin are not swimming pools for toys! Stuck children’s toys are a surprisingly common (and tough to resolve) cause of blockages.

For more, read our article for more advice on how to avoid clogs and blockages at home.

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