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The 'A to Z' of XP Plumbing and Heating

The 'A to Z' of XP Plumbing and Heating

Let’s face it, there are a lot of plumbers, heating engineers and electricians out there, particularly in London. Finding a firm you can trust can be daunting.

Here at XP, we take great pride in our professionalism, our customer focus, and the quality of our work.

So what exactly sets us apart from the rest? Get the lowdown, with our ‘A to Z guide’ to XP Plumbing and Heating.

A is for… Always Open, All the Time

That’s right, we’re always available. Our 24/7 emergency callout service means that - while we hope the worst never happens - if it does, we’re here whenever you need us.

B is for… Boilers

One of our specialist subjects! We know boilers like the back of our hand. We’re experienced in boiler installations, boiler repair, and obviously boiler maintenance and servicing.

And if it’s a boiler replacement you need, we can recommend the best type and brand of boiler for your needs. We’ll use our years of experience to get the best fit for you, and the best price too.

C is for… Customer Care

We understand that when you’re paying hard-earned money for a service - particularly something as important as your home’s plumbing, heating, or electrics - you want to feel like you’re in the hands of professionals who care as much about the job as you do.

That’s why our customer care philosophy is at the heart of everything we do. You can read more about it in our customer care article.

D is for… Drains

If your drains get you down, our fuss-free, high-tech solutions will get things flowing again.

Whether you have a small blockage like a backed-up toilet or sink, or something more serious like an overflowing sewer, we’ll resolve the problem quickly and without drama.

E is for… Electricals

There’s more to XP Plumbing and Heating than just… plumbing and heating. We’re also experts in domestic electrical work.

If you have a plumbing, heating, bathroom or kitchen job that includes wiring work, you won’t have the hassle of calling a separate electrician. We’ll take care of the whole project!

Or if you’re just looking for a trusted firm to carry out electrical or wiring work anywhere in your home, we’ve got you covered.

F is for… Financing

We understand that repairs and upgrades to your home can be expensive - particularly if they’re unplanned or major projects.

If you’d prefer to spread the cost, don’t worry - we’ve teamed up with our finance partner Barclays to provide repayment plans to suit your budget, so you can make those important changes to your home right now.

And we’re licensed under the Consumer Credit Act, so you’ll know you’re in safe hands.

G is for… Gas Safe

Never cut corners or take chances when it comes to gas in your home or business. It’s just not worth the risk.

Always, always use a Gas Safe registered plumber or heating engineer to fit, inspect or repair your gas appliances.

As a company that takes our safety responsibilities extremely seriously, we and our gas engineers are of course registered with Gas Safe. Our registration number is 539196, if you want to double-check for yourself.

H is for… Harry

Harry’s our office dog, unofficial mascot, and star of some of our recent poster campaigns! If you see him around Sidcup, feel free to say hello. Just don’t let on that you recognise him - we think the fame has started to go to his head!

Meet XP’s Harry here.

I is for… Installations

It doesn’t matter if it’s an installation of a boiler, bathroom, gas appliance, or a major work or project. We’ve got you covered. Just get in touch to find out how we can help you.

J is for… Just the Right Size

We’re not a one-man band with a mobile number that never gets answered. And we’re not a huge, impersonal, corporate call centre where you never speak to the same person twice either.

Think of us as the Goldilocks of the plumbing and heating world - just the right size to deliver personal, professional customer care that really cares, and get the job done promptly and professionally!

K is for… Knowledgeable

We understand that when you let a tradesperson, plumber, heating engineer or electrician into your home or place of business, you want to feel like you’re in safe hands.

With XP Plumbing and Heating you can relax. We’re as knowledgeable as they come - with decades of training, qualifications, and collective experience under our belts.

L is for… Local

We’re working in your local area day in, day out - not sat in a distant call centre staring at screens. From our base in Sidcup, we can normally be anywhere in the local area - including Eltham, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Chislehurst and Greenwich, as well as most of the rest of London and north Kent - when you need us.

M is for… Maintenance

Does the idea of waking up to a cold shower or no central heating give you the shivers? No one likes the idea that something as crucial as their plumbing, heating or boiler might let them down.

The key to avoiding nasty surprises is regular maintenance.

With an annual XP boiler service, you’ll get a comprehensive servicing from one of our experienced, gas-safe registered engineers, and peace of mind that your boiler will run smoothly throughout the year.

Or with our two-tier ‘eXPert’ cover plans, your kit will get an annual health check to keep it in tip-top condition, and access to unlimited call-outs throughout the year if it starts to misbehave.

For more info, visit our eXPert cover plans pages.

N is for… No Nonsense

We believe in no-nonsense, straight-forward dealings. In other words, a quality, professional service for an honest price. Full stop.

We’re committed to transparency when it comes to pricings and charges. We never charge ‘call-out’, so you only pay from the moment we start working for you, and we never add ‘hidden extras’ like travelling times, parking costs, or congestion charges to your bill.

And of course, our work comes with a no-nonsense, twelve-month guarantee.

Read the detail on our Rates page.

O is for… Our (Excellent) Office Team

Yes, we have a great team of experienced plumbers and engineers. But we also have a team of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced office staff. They’re always ready to help with the practicalities and technicalities.

P is for… Plumbing and Heating

Well, of course!

Plumbing and heating is at the heart of what we do, and we do it well. Whether it’s a small issue like a dripping tap, or a big project like a new bathroom, we’ve got you covered.

Of course, it’s not our only speciality - we’re also the ‘eXPerts’ in domestic electrical work, drains, and more.

Whatever the job, we take great pride in our exceptional standards of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship, which means happy customers who use us again and again.

Q is for… Qualifications

As a company that takes issues of safety, quality, and customer service very seriously, we only use qualified and experienced people - and that goes for our plumbers, heating and gas engineers in the field, and our support team back at the office.

We have a huge range of qualifications and decades of professional experience under our collective belts. Find out more on our Accreditations and Meet the Team pages.

R is for… Rugby

We’re a community-minded local company, proud of our local heritage and roots. That’s why we’re proud of our long-standing relationship with and sponsorship of Sidcup RFC, a great rugby club for all ages with a lot of local pride and heart!

S is for… Sidcup

We get all over London and Kent, but our heart (and our HQ) is in Sidcup! We’re proud of our Sidcup roots and our connections to the local area, and we know our south London neighbourhood like the back of our hand.

So whether you’re in Sidcup itself, or any of the surrounding areas - like Bexleyheath, Eltham, Bromley, Chislehurst, Greenwich, or even further afield in London or Kent - with XP Plumbing and Heating you’re in safe hands!

T is for… Tips and Advice

The news section of our website is just stuffed full of helpful advice, tips, and ideas. It’s where we like to share things that we think will help you save money, stay safe and comfortable, and look after your home’s plumbing, heating, electrical systems and drains. How’s that for a freebie?!

Check out our article archive.

U is for… User Reviews

We could talk to you all day about our pride in our work and our customer care philosophy, but maybe you’d like to hear it from our customers themselves instead?

Check out a selection of user reviews and client testimonials from previous happy customers on our feedback page.

Or if you’re already a happy customer, we’d love to know! Feel free to send us a message via our feedback form!

V is for… Value For Money

We understand that plumbing and heating breakdowns and repairs can be expensive, and have a tendency to happen at the worst possible time.

That’s why we’re strong believers in value for money, and transparency, when it comes to our rates and charges. To find out more, read our recent article about our transparent pricing principles.

W is for… Water Safety

As plumbers, water - and the appropriate and safe handling of it - is at the heart of what we do, day in, day out. Water’s the most precious resource we all have, and at XP we take our responsibilities to looking after it seriously.

That’s why we’re members of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), an initiative for companies and organisations that demonstrate commitment to UK law and guidelines relating to water supply.

X is for… our ‘eXPert’ cover plans

Apart from standing for XP Plumbing and Heating, it’s also the X in our ‘eXPert’ cover plans. (The first ‘e’ is silent…!)

For just £18.50 a month, we’ll cover your central heating for breakdown and repair (or for £25, your plumbing and drains as well), including an annual health check from one of our experienced engineers. That’s affordable cover from a local company you can rely on.

Read the detail of our cover plans.

Y is for… ‘Yes We Can’

Here at XP Plumbing and Heating, we believe a ‘can-do’ attitude is crucial. If our customers are happy, then we’re happy - so we try to say ‘yes we can’, as much as we can!

Z is for… Zero Hassle

Here at XP, we say that if our customers are happy, then we’re happy. That’s why we like to make things as hassle-free as possible for you, no matter what we’re doing for you.

Whether you want us to take care of a small job like fixing a leaky tap, or project-manage a major work like a new bathroom or wet room, we’re here to help take the stress and worry out of your repairs, maintenance or home improvements.

To find out what XP can do for you today, get in touch with us.