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Fend off the freeze with XP's cold-weather tips

Fend off the freeze with XP's cold-weather tips

Temperatures are forecast to drop well into the minus numbers this week, and there are snow and ice warnings in place all over the country, including London and the south-east.

Is your home ready for a cold snap? Fend off freezing conditions with XP Plumbing and Heating’s cold weather checklist…

Know where your stopcock is! Possibly the most important plumbing tip to remember. And if you already know where yours is, don’t stop there. Test your stopcock to make sure it’s still in good working order. Don’t wait until you really need your stopcock to discover it’s seized up.

For more on stopcocks, see our blog post on their importance.

Insulate your pipes, and check that any existing pipe insulation is still sound and secure. Effectively insulating your pipes is the best way to protect them against freezing conditions. Pay particular attention to pipes outside your home, and pipes and water tanks in your attic or loft space, where they can be exposed to lower temperatures than pipes indoors.

Pack your garden hose away! It’s one of those little jobs that’s easy to forget when the winter arrives. If yours has been lounging on the lawn since the end of the summer, find a few minutes to disconnect it from the tap and put it away.

In a cold snap, any water left in a connected hose is likely to freeze, damaging not only the hose itself, but also potentially the tap and pipework to which it’s connected. A costly problem that’s easily avoided.

Cover yourself. (We don’t mean digging your hat and scarf out of the back of the drawer - although we definitely recommend that too!)

If the thought of waking up on a cold winter’s morning without hot water or heating gives you the shivers, protect yourself with one of our eXPert cover plans.

For a reasonable monthly payment, XP Plumbing and Heating will cover your central heating (and your plumbing and drains too, with our eXPert Plus plan) against breakdowns and repairs, including a full inspection when you sign up.

So when the cold weather rolls in, you’ll be able to relax, knowing you’re covered. For more info, check out our Cover Plans pages.

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