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XP's top five moving-day plumbing and heating tips

XP's top five moving-day plumbing and heating tips

Summer’s a very popular time for moving house in the UK. If you’re one of thousands currently in the middle of moving into a new home, or your big move is on the horizon, you’ll know there’s a lot to think about.

With our top five pieces of plumbing and heating advice for new homeowners and movers, moving-day worries about whether your new plumbing and heating systems are up to scratch won’t be one of them.

Search for your stopcock

In an emergency, knowing where your stopcock is and knowing how to use it can be the difference between an inconvenient plumbing incident and a full-blown flood!

Put it high on your moving ‘to-do’ list. And once you’ve found your stopcock, make sure it’s in good working order, and test it regularly. Like most mechanical things that aren’t in regular use, they can seize up. And if you don’t check yours regularly, you’ll only find out if that’s happened when you need it most!

For more on the importance of knowing where your stopcock is, and making sure it’s in good condition, check out our article.

Get to know your boiler

Remember to get your new boiler’s service history from the previous resident or their agents. Your boiler is a crucial bit of kit in your home, and you want to start off in your new home knowing it’s not going to let you down.

We recommend getting the boiler in your new home serviced by a qualified engineer as soon as you can, for complete peace of mind. That’s particularly important if you’ve got gas appliances - the potential dangers of gas mean there’s no room for taking chances.

Meet your meter

It sounds obvious, but you should find out as soon as you move whether you’re on a water meter or not. A water meter means you’ll be paying for every drop you use, rather than a flat monthly fee. Although we of course recommend being conscientious with your water usage whether you’re on a meter or not!

Look out for leaks

Big leaks are easy to spot; small, hidden ones can go unnoticed for a surprisingly long time.

Pipes, taps, radiators, toilets and more are all spots in your home from where water could be leaking, particularly if the previous residents weren’t big on maintenance.

Warning signs of a hidden leak include low water pressure, rust, and patches of damp, discolouration or mould.

Look out for lead

Not an issue with modern homes, as it’s long been illegal to fit lead pipes for the supply of water, but it’s still possible to find older properties with lead pipes.

If you’ve just moved into an old house and found lead pipes, consider getting them replaced as soon as possible with modern alternatives made from copper or plastic.

If you’re not sure if it’s a lead pipe or not, look out for a dull, grey metal that becomes shiny when you scratch it with a screwdriver or similar.

Just moved in, and got issues with your plumbing or boiler? Or any other aspect of your home’s heating, electrics, drains or gas?

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