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XP's guide to saving water at home

XP's guide to saving water at home

The need to save water seems like an issue that’s growing all the time.

Nearly half of all UK households have had water meters fitted at home, either voluntarily or by their water companies - and are therefore paying for each and every drop they use. This figure looks set to rise sharply in the future.

And talk of droughts, hosepipe bans and the like now seem to be a permanent fixture of the national conversation each summer. (This year, we’ve already heard drought talk in the news from all over the UK, and summer hasn’t even started yet!)

So given all that, what are some simple ways to reduce your water usage at home, without making drastic changes to your lifestyle?

Keep your plumbing in good shape

That slightly dripping tap might seem like little more than a minor nuisance, but you might be shocked by how much water is wasted through a dripping or leaky tap over time.

In fact, a single tap in your home leaking at a pretty leisurely ten drips per minute (one every 6 seconds), will be sending three litres of wasted water down your drains every day. Over the long term, that adds up to well over 1000 litres a year!

And if you’re on a water meter, that drip-drip-drip is the sound of hundreds of pounds a year literally disappearing down your drains!

Check your habits

There are lots of easy wins for saving water to be had, just by being aware of our own water use habits. Flicking the bathroom tap off while brushing your teeth, for example, is estimated to save around six litres of water a minute!

Likewise, filling your kettle only with the water you need, rather than boiling it full each time, is a simple way to save litres of water a day.

Or if you love a bath in the evening, consider taking a few more showers and a few less baths, as they use much less water.

Get with the gadgets

If you love a good gadget, there’s plenty to get your teeth into when it comes to water-saving devices. There are plenty of eco shower heads and tap fittings on the market which work by aerating the water, giving you that pleasurable sensation of a high-pressure water flow, while also using a lot less water.

Prefer a more low-tech approach? A good old-fashioned water butt will allow you to recycle the rain water coming off your gutters and put it to more productive use in your home or garden.

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