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Drains getting you down? Check out these simple tricks...

Drains getting you down? Check out these simple tricks...

Nothing spoils a long, relaxing shower like having to wade around in the dirty water because your drain is clogged up!

Blocked and slow-clearing drains and plugholes - whether in your kitchen or bathroom - are a common household annoyance.

If your drains are getting you down, these simple tips and tricks will help you keep them flowing, and help you avoid having to call in the professionals!

Be discerning with your drains

The other best way to avoid drain clogs and blockages is to simply be careful what you put down there.

In the kitchen, avoid pouring cooking fats, oils and other food grease down your kitchen sink wherever possible. Oils and fats, although liquid while hot, will cool quickly and can congeal in your drains and slow the rate of drainage significantly.

And in the bathroom, make sure the kids know what can and can’t be flushed! Sanitary products, paper towels, nappies, dental floss and cotton buds are all a total no-no. And a special mention here for wet wipes - even the ones marketed as flushable can cause problems!

Cover your plughole

When it comes to your drains, prevention is definitely the best medicine. Fit strainers to all your bathroom and kitchen plugholes, and you’ll be stopping most of the nasty stuff that clogs your drains before it can get down there.

At the cost of just a few quid, they’re a great investment in the future health and happiness of your drains. Just don’t forget to clear them regularly!

Getting things clear again

If it’s a bit late for preventative measures, and your drain is already a problem, there are a number of cheap, easy and low-tech tricks that are worth trying, before you resort to more expensive solutions.

A discerningly bent coat hanger can be a cheap but powerful tool for unclogging your drain. We’re guessing we don’t need to explain in detail how to employ it - just make sure you’re hooking any clogged material upwards and loose, rather than pushing down and impacting any blockage further.

Hot water straight from the kettle can also be great. Use several servings if necessary. The combination of extreme heat and the weight of the water can often be enough to dislodge any clogged material and get things flowing again.

Common household vinegar can also be a very powerful ally. It’s acidic and will eat through a lot of the gunk that commonly bungs up drains. Pour it down and let it do its thing for twenty minutes or so, then follow up with hot water. Or if you want to get really serious, add some baking soda to your vinegar - the combination will make short work of most common drain build-ups.

If your drains are getting you down, give us a call. Whether it’s a small blockage like a backed-up toilet or sink, or something more serious, we’ll resolve the problem quickly and without drama. You can rely on our fuss-free, high-tech solutions to get things flowing again.

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